& Lifestyle Sessions
"Do you take photos of things besides just weddings?"

UM. YES! Here's the basis:

Portraits & Lifestyle Sessions: $275 + tax


Let's get this out there: I'm not here to create "traditional" portraits. My aim isn't just to get the "smilin' pretty" pictures, but also the sweet little hands, tickle monsters, and fruit snack bribery in between. 

Let's capture your family in the stage it currently is at. Not some fake portrait with a painted backdrop. The real thing.


Each package starts with:  1 hour of photo coverage, one gorgeous location of your choice; up to 4 people and $10/ additional person. Photos will included both candids and formal portraits.

Oh, and yeah, 1-month turn around. It's that easy.

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FAQ for Portraits

How long does it take to see my photos?

Your photos will be delivered within 2-4 weeks depending on your session size and duration. You'll get a super cute email that has a link to your online gallery then.

How many photos do I get?

You'll get a gallery of at least 100 photos. Everyone starts with at least 25 internet optimized images to download straight from your gallery. Of course, you're welcome to order more images to download. :)

How should I tag you in my photos?

Ah! I'm so glad you asked! It makes me so happy to know that you love your images and want to share them with friends and family!

If you'd be so kind to type "Photos by @MichelleEvansArt" each time you post my images, it would make my absolute day. PLUS, this helps be get more referrals. Which starts to make you my favorite client.
You know what favorite clients get? Probably icecream or wine.

What should I wear?

DO: Besides something that makes you feel like an absolute stunner??? Whatever encapsulates your personality best. Dependening on your session, we're probably going to walk around. So either bring comfy shoes to change into, or avoid something that'll give you blisters in general.
DON'T: Butttt, please please please avoid wearing any tight patterns or items with thin lines on them. Like really tight plaid. These look super weird on camera. I've got more tips, but the main one is to dress up or down in your favorite outfit.

Can my fur child be in the photos?

ABSOLUTELY AND OF NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Please give me all the fur babies in your session. Just be prepared for a little squealing from me.

I do suggest having a "pet wrangler" along for the session just in case I need some help getting the pet's attention OR if we are to grab some individuals of you and your family.

I'm here for the in-between moments. The little hands reaching up towards you. The tickle fights. The ice-cream bribery. The little giggles.
All of it.
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Spartz Dogs-MICHELLE-EVANS-ART-Memphis W