& Lifestyle Sessions
"Do you take photos of things besides just weddings?"

UM. YES! Here's the basis:

Portraits & Lifestyle Sessions: $300+ tax


Let's get this out there: I'm not here to create "traditional" portraits. My aim isn't just to get the "smilin' pretty" pictures, but also the sweet little hands, tickle monsters, and fruit snack bribery in between. 

Let's capture your family in the stage it currently is at. Not some fake portrait with a painted backdrop. The real thing.


Each package starts with:  1 hour of photo coverage, one gorgeous location of your choice; up to 4 people and $10/ additional person. Photos will included both candids and formal portraits.

Oh, and yeah, 1-month turn around. It's that easy.

Spartz Dogs-MICHELLE-EVANS-ART-Memphis W
Michelle-Evans-Art-Chi Omega-Conference-
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I'm here for the in-between moments. The little hands reaching up towards you. The tickle fights. The ice-cream bribery. The little giggles.
All of it.
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Spartz Dogs-MICHELLE-EVANS-ART-Memphis W