Personal Post: Perpetual Arizona Sunsets.

One thing I think we photographers know more than anyone, is how fleeting each moment really is. Photographs present a gentle opportunity to transport us back to some very special, and unique moments. Kind of like time travel.

So, when Cody and I started planning our trip over New Years to Phoenix, I knew I was going to need to bring a camera and document as much of it as possible. It's not all "picture perfect" (I know, a little ironic coming from a Professional Photographer).

We made a point to try to catch every sunset possible on the trip. A little cheesy. But my favorite thing to do on vacations.

But, anywho, I'm excited to nostalgically look back on this first trip for the two of us.

New Years Eve Eve and Eve

Here's his cute face when I finally landed and got to see him for the first time in a few weeks.