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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Meet two of the sweetest, and most genuine people on this planet. I got to know Emily and Lance pretty well over their engagement. And I think their wedding story is incredibly sweet.

Tiny Backstory: Emily and I grew up adjacent from each other in small town Conway, AR. Her brother, Jack, was a friend of my younger brother's when we were in elementary school. Jack and I were also in High School band together after I moved out of the hometown and then back again. I always knew of Emily as "Jack's little sister." Needless to say I was super excited to get to know more about Emily (and Lance I guess) when they contacted me to be their wedding photographer.

Now, it's no secret that Emily did a lot of the planning for her wedding. But now that I know them, I can tell that Lance is always helping with logistics in the background. Afterall, these two met while working together and it took Lance's steadfast determination to convince Emily to go on a date. (I think she and I share the same over analytical semi commit-o-phobia. When we commit, it's the realest thing. But getting there takes a few pro and con lists.) Emily said it was pretty soon after their first date that she knew that this guy was for serious. And I think that's because once you meet Lance, you can see that he's just a genuinely caring person.