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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Meet two of the sweetest, and most genuine people on this planet. I got to know Emily and Lance pretty well over their engagement. And I think their wedding story is incredibly sweet.

Tiny Backstory: Emily and I grew up adjacent from each other in small town Conway, AR. Her brother, Jack, was a friend of my younger brother's when we were in elementary school. Jack and I were also in High School band together after I moved out of the hometown and then back again. I always knew of Emily as "Jack's little sister." Needless to say I was super excited to get to know more about Emily (and Lance I guess) when they contacted me to be their wedding photographer.

Now, it's no secret that Emily did a lot of the planning for her wedding. But now that I know them, I can tell that Lance is always helping with logistics in the background. Afterall, these two met while working together and it took Lance's steadfast determination to convince Emily to go on a date. (I think she and I share the same over analytical semi commit-o-phobia. When we commit, it's the realest thing. But getting there takes a few pro and con lists.) Emily said it was pretty soon after their first date that she knew that this guy was for serious. And I think that's because once you meet Lance, you can see that he's just a genuinely caring person.

The Wedding. These two chose the stunning Honey Hills Ranch for the backdrop of their wedding day. We were all nervous the June weather was going to get in the way of things. We lucked out with a perfectly breezy, partly cloudy day to keep things cooled off. Of course it helped that the amazing Sarah of Graceful Events was coordinating the wedding day. The flower arrangement were perfectly put together by Tipton Hurst in Conway and Emily's gorgeous dress was from Lowe's Bridal. The delicious food was provided by Gina's Catering and the beautiful desserts were by PattiCakes Bakery. Then I brought on an old photo friend, Reed Boroughs as a second shooter for the day. With such a kickass team, the whole day felt like the weather: a breeze.

Here's what Emily had to say about her wedding day:

What was the vision for your wedding, the style/color/scheme? I liked classic, eclectic, simple and beautiful. I had thought about my ideas for years dreaming as a young girl. So many different ideas had come and gone over the years. But I've always loved blue, and I've been a more recent fan of orange. So I came up with light blue and burnt orange with peach as an accent color. Funny enough, once I picked my colors, I saw them in a bridal magazine. I felt like quite the trend setter. We invited around 300 total (kids included), but around 125-150 showed up which was about venue capacity.

Why did you choose Honey Hills Ranch as your wedding venue? We didn't have a huge budget, not minuscule, but just not enough to go all out on every category. I wanted something beautiful with light. I did a lot of digging for quite a while, and eventually came across Honey Hill Ranch on Facebook, and it was right at our idea budget.

Describe the flowers used for floral arrangements: We used hydrangeas (for whites and blues), tulips, roses (several colors), and a couple of succulents in my bouquet. There were more, but my mom's more of the flower expert, ha!

What was the inspiration of your wedding cake: I wanted something simple for the two of us. Just a single tier for us and the guests could have other dessert for them. So I went with light blue, with a simple pattern and fruit on top.

Describe the ceremony, what made it unique/special: A good friend officiated (also, the college and young adults pastor at our church). A close friend (Alex Velte )played guitar before the ceremony, and after. We took communion, which was a nice moment for us. I just also loved the message given which was a surprise. I cried, which I didn't expect I'd do, I'm just not always a crier. And Lance looked so happy and was teary-eyed. 

Describe the reception, what made it unique/special: We got to eat dinner in private before stepping into the reception, so we didn't party on an empty stomach (excellent idea, since we didn't get bothered while trying to eat.) We danced, cut cake, drank champagne, had a couple unexpected toasts which were very sweet, and just talked and danced. A friend lifted his daughter to catch the bouquet which was an adorable moment which she was thrilled about. 

What was your favorite part/memory of the day? I just loved the ceremony, and standing there with my love finally doing the damn thing!

What was your first dance song and why? I chose a song called Si Tu Vois Ma Mere. I heard it originally at the beginning of the movie Midnight in Paris, and the song game me chills. I've loved it ever since.

What is one piece of advice you’d give another bride trying to plan her wedding? A piece of advice my sister-in-law gave me, particularly for stress level and budget keeping, is pick the 3 things that are most important for you on planning the day. For example, my important things were 1) photography, 2) wedding dress, 3) venue (in no particular order). So focus primarily on those 3 pieces, make sure to let those be the things you don't try and save on because they're valuable but save in the other ways, and just make sure to not stress about the other things because you're deciding that they aren't as important to you. 

Congrats Emily & Lance!