The "After Party" | Crosstown Concourse Wedding | Memphis Wedding Photographer

Meet Fallon and Bart. These two do things their own way.

Fallon and Bart two decided they wanted to do their wedding a little bit differently... They actually eloped privately first AND THEN held their reception at a date when all of their family could travel into Memphis. (Pre-covid y'all). Genius!

I wanted to make sure to feature their love story because it was a little different than your usual wedding day-it was the after party for their friends and family. And y'all, it was a blast!

We spent most of the time taking the portraits and candids of Fallon and Bart and their family and then they kicked off the night with this epic celebration where they really got to ENJOY being with everyone. It was really sweet to witness.

Something that struck me about Fallon and Bart when I first met them was they way they talk. Fallon has this sweet little spark in the way she talks about anything- she's incredibly bubbly and enthusiastic. And, well, Bart has the same spark but it's when he's listening to his lovely wife.

They both have incredible class and kindness that just pulls people in. You could tell by how their friends and family interacted with them. They're great people.

Oh. And they were both SUPER chill. By chill, I mean this girl didnt have a dress until about 2-3 days before their "wedding day" and she just laughed it off. (No seriously she told me about this in a giggle on her big day). I was kind of shocked about this.

But, later, I realized it was because she knew everything would work out fine no matter what. She was with the one she loved. That's all that mattered.

Fallon and Bart, y'all are some super dear and sweet people. Thank you for letting me be a component in capturing your incredible day. It's be so incredibly fun getting to know you two.



Venue: Crosstown Concourse Green Room

Makeup Artist: Kasey Acuff Makeup

Florals by Lynn Doyle Flowers

Wedding Planning + Coordination by Blues City Weddings

Cake: Miss Muff'n

Photography: Michelle Evans Art

Second Shooter: Nicole Spartz

DJ: Terrence Harris