My (Honest) Year in Review | 2018

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

To be completely honest:

2018 was such an epic year that I can't just NOT make a post about it.

This year in summary was the year I rediscovered myself and my reasons for photography. I found my creative spark again, but not until everything came to an end first. Long story short, I was unexpectedly terminated from a job back in April this year. Right before my first wedding of the season.

Granted, I wasn't too fond of that position. In the exit interview my boss said "Michelle...we just don't think you're very happy here." And, well, they weren't wrong. It was still a complete shock. I've never experienced that type of rejection before. It's super hurtful when you're told you're just "not right" for something.

The funny thing is I knew I wasn't meant for that job. I felt like a square trying to fit into a circle. I just wasn't made to fit into this position. And in my gut, I knew that's wasn't the right route for me.

After months and months of having my creative side squashed, I decided I was going to take the last opportunity that was being sent my way: I decided to go full time with my photography business.

2018 was a year of re-routing my paths. An entire year of paths literally ending at a cliff as if to say "you gonna jump?" And y'all. I jumped. I jumped and I soared. And fell and got up and flew some more.

I could go on and on about how crazy it is that things have made it this far, looking into 2019. My money was scheduled to run completely dry back in July. But each and every month somehow, as if like divine intervention, something new plopped itself on my plate. And little by little, things started working in the direction I always dreamed them to be.

Despite what social media may tell you, this year has been anything but easy. But every click of my camera, each corny joke I tell to my clients, and every ridiculous instagram story has been 100% worth it.

So here I am looking towards 2018 as it sets. After all my tears, the soul emptying fear, the pits, the falls, there was somehow an equal amount of happy tears, childish smiles, furry tails, punny jokes, rosy cheeks, and blissful looks. With 2019 rising in the horizon, I cannot wait to see what’s revealed as the time moves on.

This was a year of perseverance. This was a year of amazing clients inviting me into some of the most intimate moments of their lives. I have been so blessed to have been forced into going full time with my photo business. No one said it was gonna be easy. But it sure as hell has been worth every single struggling second of it. But I'm here to stay.

Thank you to all of my kind couples and families that have given me the chance to vigorously chase my dreams. You have no clue how much you've blessed my year.

Cheers y'all! May be all remember that there's always a way for a new beginning. Happy New Year.