Planning a Proposal: Should You Hire a Photographer?

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

I'm going to get straight to the point: YES. A thousand times, yes.

But, don't you worry, if you're a little on the fence- I got you! I wrote up 5 major reasons you should hire a photographer.


4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Photographer for Your Proposal

#1 Our gear (and skills) works better than your friend's phone.

Sigh. I feel like I shouldn't have to make the argument at this point, but, alas, here I am again. I'll keep it simple: Your friend's shakey cell phone pics just wont do it. And no, Portrait Mode does not make up for that.

My old photo boss used to always say "It's not the arrow, it's the Indian." This goes both ways, it does not matter how fancy (or simple) a camera is, it does not automatically make you a good photographer. You're friend might have a cool instagram profile, but if they don't know about lighting, timing, and settings, then they honestly might f this all up. And your proposal is a moment you don't want them missing the mark on.

I'll touch more on this later, but remember that hiring a pro means we've built the experience so you don't have to worry about your moments being held on a shakey cam.

#2 You can't remember the moment for all that it is... not really

Here's the spiel: Big moments matter so much to you in your life, having a photo -or several- you can look back on will take you straight back to that moment.

Literally, sciences approves of this. The way you remember something is highly dependent on your emotions around that specific event and how recent that event occured. And truthfully, we forget little bits of events every day- yes, even the big ones. It's just how the brain works. (Okay, so this isn't a science blog, but there are numerous studies that support that photographs help relive our memories).

Photographs make you visually experience everything all over again. So if you see a photograph of a beautiful moment where you're lovingly smiling at your person, tears welled up in your eyes.... all those big emotions will come flowing to you again. Think about it. It's why "Facebook Memories" became a thing. Because we love looking back on our happy moments.

This is why I'm always talking about "tangible memories." Photographs serve as a visual trigger to remember something. So when you have something up in your home or in a sweet photobook, you can physically hold on to those memories. And, as a completely biased photographer, I believe that every major moment deserves to be memorialized through candid photos. This way you have your keepsakes to take home with you and share with your friends and family. It's a great way to tell the story over and over again.

#3 You need someone to help set the mood.

And by "mood" I mean "scene." When it comes to proposing-you want your SO to be as excited as you have been leading up to this moment. So, setting the scene is key! You need the right spot, the right light (yes, evening light is important), and you have got to avoid mishaps. Hiring a pro will help you think through all of these things because we are literally trained for this!

Ever taken a photo of something and realized that that really cool mural looks totally different on camera?

Photographers know how to see that before it happens. There's certain times of day that things tend to "look better" or types of weather that help. We also know how to prevent that really ugly orange lighting that you get in the middle of your living room when all the lights are turned on (hint, it's a mix of settings in the camera and changing the light that's available).

When you bring a photographer along the journey, they'll help you plan the time of day and find a picture perfect spot for your proposal. Basically, we take care of the "look" logistics so you can focus on your relationship.

#4 You've got someone in your corner!

When you know your moment is being handled by a pro, you don't have to worry about your friend taking blurry photos on their smartphone. Or the ever so dreadful thumb on the lens. The pros know! We have literally made a career about capturing the moment RIGHT when it happens.

Plus, if you've hired me, I've already told you exactly how I'm going to sneak into the scene without your future fiance noticing.

You've got less to worry about, so, all you'll have to think about is looking in your loved one's eyes and speaking from the heart.

#5 Did you think about after you "bend the knee?"

I already mentioned that having photographs will help you dive into the memory of your proposal year after year. But I'm talking about RIGHT after you propose. Your emotions are likely to be super elated and absolutely excited about everything to come. I mean dang, NOW YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED!!!

But don't forget you to have a little photo celebration with the two of you. POP THE CHAMPAGNE (or a confetti cannon)! We'll make a GIF of it exploding and then take a few photos of the two of you in one of the happiest states you've ever been in. Trust me, you'll want to savor those moments year after year.


All in all, make sure you are taking the steps to make sure that BOTH of you are in the moment. My #1 tip is going with the flow of things when you're proposing. Anything that goes wrong will be part of the story later on.

If you need any help planning your proposal be sure to check out the 9 Tips for Planning Your Proposal.

If you havent secured a photographer yet (what are you doing!?) then go ahead and contact me here. We'll get your plan ironed out and ready to go in a quick phone call.

You'll be bending the knee in no time! And it'll be absolutely unforgettable.