Colorful Downtown Memphis Portraits

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

When Nicole asked for anniversary portraits of her and Paul, she had one request: "I'd like to do something very Memphis for our 2 year." Deal.

I had been dreaming up a downtown Memphis shoot for a minute and couldn't wait to play around with some new spots, colors and tones!

The best thing about photographing other photographers is you know they have hired you because they see your vision and TRUST it. And they usually get just the same kind of dorky excitement you do about the cool lighting bouncing off an old white warehouse. And with Nicole's eager to learn personality, she's geeking out in exactly the same way I am.

I met Nicole by accident last Cinco de Mayo while I was out celebrating with Cody. She took a sneaky phone photo of the two of us while we were snuggled up and people watching over our giant margaritas. She introduced herself to us by showing (with quiet pride) the super adorable photo she took of the two of us. She had a great shot of a particular moment only a photographer would think of. So, I asked her to meet and see if we'd be a good fit working together when we had way fewer margaritas in our system.

It's been so great bringing her along the ride as the Michelle Evans Art train moves into a much more colorful season of development! She's got a great eye and a fresh enthusiasm for photography that I've seen plenty of photographers lose over the years.

Nicole and Paul, thanks for letting me photograph your anniversary photos! You two are ridiculously hilarious and I can't wait to get to know you two even more!